Merry Christmas 2013!

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For those of you spending your holidays reading up on HR Tech (and who isn’t?!?) I wanted to leave you with the best wishes for you and yours from our team.

For those of you who are Nice, the first card below is for you. On the other hand, for those of you who might find your names in the Naughty list, well, I think the 2nd card below is for you! (by the way – if you can’t tell, we’re a bunch of movie quote fans! And as a Christmas challenge – who’s the first person who can tell us what movie that 2nd card’s quote is from? We have a prize ready to send to the first person who correctly names the movie this quote is in.

Note: there are two possible answers to this question – but the best prize is for the most accurate answer. Judges are standing by – click on the comment link above to reply)

Also – as an update to some previous blogs, I just wanted to share with you all some blog comments we received about our vendor consolidation trend of 2014. I talked about my HR Tech predictions for 2014 in a previous post. In that post, I concluded that one of the biggest trends of 2014 would be the changing vendor landscape. Here are a few blog posts from Naomi Bloom in which she gives her suggestions to coping with vendor consolidation and stories of vendor consolidation fairy tales. (See, I’m not that far off in my predictions!) I guess only time will tell! Stay tuned…

I wonder if we should develop a Naughty or Nice list for HR Tech vendors as well…

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

  • Nik said,

    Home Alone!

  • Ross the Boss said,

    Angels with Dirty Faces…had a little help on that one.

  • The Boss said,

    Angels with Dirty Faces. Home Alone is another but I’d rather slide down a bannister of razor blades that watch that movie.

  • Kelly said,

    Home Alone!

  • anna said,

    What a good looking picture! Who ever took that must be amazing!

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